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There is local enthusiasm for living in a way that reduces our environmental impact.

Spring is here!

Your local Community Choir is warming up to bring you a refreshing Spring Concert – we have teamed up with the Dalkeith Road Community Choir to bring a relaxing evening with a wide range of songs.

Spring Sing - colour

Come and enjoy the music and a cuppa on Tuesday night, September 22 at 7:30pm.

Tickets: $30.00 (Unwaged $20) at the door or from


St Barnabas Community Choir Flyer PDF without colour background – why not print one out to share at work or school?



In 2009, a subgroup of WLRA decided to try and tackle the related issues of Climate Change and Living Sustainably at the local level – after a couple of meetings we came up with this mission statement:

“A group with mission of reducing our community’s environmental footprint by 10% in 2010 resulting ina more sustainable and resilient neighborhood.”

To that end, various members of the committee sought baseline statistics for our local electricity and water usage rates as compared to similar suburbs, and prepared an aerial audit of evidence of local sustainability initiatives: solar panels on rooves, water tanks, vegetable gardens.

We ran a series of Film Nights, sometimes with dinner included, and built up to our very own LivingSmart course. Participants were not all local, but all were enthusiastic.

You may notice from the website that plans for 2014 are a little sparse – please do add your comments and help keep the fire burning  and encourage enthusiasm amongst our neighbours gently. If you would like to be added to our specific WeLComE email list, let me know.

Finding a balance

We are circulating a petition
to ask the Town of Cambridge to complete it’s Heritage Review in West Leederville
for the preservation
of the best of our character homes.

Volunteers will be door knocking, and available at local meeting places over the next two weeks.

There is more background information here.

If you would prefer to sign it online,
you can find it here.

101 verandahYour comments are welcome – there is a discussion on our Facebook page.

Spring Newsletter

West Leederville Residents Association recently put out an email asking our members if they had any issues that they would like us to take up with Council. The Following is in response to the issues raised. I directed your comments to the CEO of the Town of Cambridge Jason Buckley Cambridge Street Road Works were raised by a number of residents.



I am extremely unhappy with the road redevelopment. As a rate payer I would like the Association to ask the Town of Cambridge what was the original project timeframe and more importantly the original project budget and what the current project expenditure is?



As a ratepayer for a project which adds nothing to me as a resident of West Leederville of 23 years and now has project budget over runs I would like an explanation.



The West Leederville Streetscape project was established to create a lively, pedestrian friendly, ‘high street style’ precinct along Cambridge Street, while retaining it as a traffic route.  This project dates back to 2010 when Council adopted the West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study, which suggested this area be “developed as a high quality, highly activated, retail and commercial ‘spine’ for the revitalised West Leederville town centre”.

Concept plans for the project were subject to extensive community consultation in September 2012, to gauge community support for the overall concept and specific elements of the design. Over 200 submissions were received, with 71% of respondents supporting the overall concept.

The recently completed work involved:

  • reducing the number of lanes to one in each direction;
  • installing new medians;
  • creating on-street parking bays;
  • resurfacing the road;
  • widening pedestrian footpaths;
  • upgrading landscaping and paving;
  • installing new street furniture; and
  • installing new street lighting.


The original timeframe for the project was for completion by June 2014 but has been pushed back due to:

  • Revised program of works to reduce the impact on West Leederville businesses;
  • Wet weather;
  • Problems with old underground water and gas services.

The main works are now complete.

The total project value is $2.476m and will be completed within budget.



In addition to this the proposed project to add another 30+ residences to Northwood St between Railway Pde and Cambridge is completely irresponsible in terms of traffic and services that cannot cope now.



The Town assesses all multi-residential and commercial development applications and this assessment includes the impacts of traffic.  The Northwood Street development is currently before the Development Assessment Panel, and traffic and parking issues are being considered.

The Town has more plans to increase development in this area, which are detailed in the West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study, adopted by Council in 2010. The complete Study can be viewed online at

It is believed Northwood Street will cope with any additional traffic generated from the proposed development. In the State’s Road Hierarchy, Northwood Street is listed as a ‘local access road’, which can operate up to 3000 vehicles per day. When traffic volumes were last measured in 2009, Northwood Street was accommodating 1606 vehicles per day. To further assist the control of traffic in the area traffic control measures, restricting turning movements, are in place at the Cambridge/Northwood intersection.


For the first time in a while I took a walk around Lake Monger this morning and was utterly dismayed at what the City has done. Cambridge Street has been bad enough but the removal of all trees on the western shore is appalling.



Ecological restoration work has recently been carried out on the western side of Lake Monger to:

  • restore ecological communities that provide fauna habitats for breeding, feeding and nesting;
  • improve water quality; and
  • protect and enhance the natural beauty and historical value of Lake Monger.


Part of the program involved removal of all non-native tree species. Before any work started, all trees in the area were assessed to identify the local native trees species, which were retained.

Some 10,000 native plants have now been planted, with the help of local community groups, which will improve the health of the lake and provide a home to the local bird populations.

Of note is that a similar rehabilitation program was undertaken on the east side of the lake in the late 1990s, including removal of all non-native species and planting of native wetland plant species.  The area is now completely rehabilitated with no visual evidence of the works.  However, the ecological benefit of this work is very evident with the creation of appropriate, sustainable habitats for the local fauna and, from nutrient stripping ponds and vegetation channels built as part of this program, a much improved quality of water entering the lake.

1990 Monger

1997 – Lake Monger east side (looking north towards footbridge)

Rejuvenated Monger

2014 – Lake Monger east side (looking north towards footbridge)



The choice of trees for Kimberley Street.



The tree recommended for Kimberley, as listed in the Town’s Treescape Plan, is the Coral tree. This tree was selected as it is well suited to the local soil conditions and is drought tolerant.  There are a number of well‑established Coral trees already growing in Kimberley Street.  When the new Coral trees mature they will create an avenue affect, adding to the character to the street.

Coral trees 

Coral trees lining Joseph Street, West Leederville



Rubbish bin charges…



The Town’s standard waste service costs $100 per year and comprises a 120L general waste bin and 240L recycling bin. For no additional charge residents can elect to replace their 240L recycling bin with a 360L recycling bin or have a second 240L recycling bin. For an annual fee of $70 a 240L green waste bin can be added to the service.


The West Leederville Residents Association will shortly be holding its AGM, if you are interested in being a member please contact us either by email or the website

 Normally we would not run to so many pages in our newsletter but on this occasion I thought it was important to give you all of the information that we received. 

Best Wishes

Anne Lake



Open letter from Alexey Kotovski

Hi Sue

We were the selling agents for the property at 110 Cambridge Street.

As you are no doubt aware, the property has been (effectively) vacant for around 15 years and a complete eyesore.

There were numerous schemes submitted… none really worked as there were many objections and (far too) many people had an “opinion” on the best redevelopment option – whilst at the same time, none of these people came forward and offered to purchase the property.

Fortunately, sanity prevailed and the project will now proceed and initiate what will hopefully be the (reasonable) upgrading of the heart of West Leederville.

It would be appropriate to remind some of the “objectors” that we are all custodians (only) of our respective abodes and our responsibility is to assist current- and future custodians – to enjoy affordable and conveniently located dwellings.

Hopefully, at some stage objectors will recognise that, if there were similar minded protagonists thwarting the planning processes of yesteryear (when West Leederville was utilised as broad acre dairy farming etc ), most present day West Leederville residents on their 4-800M2 allottments would not be enjoying the capital growth plus above described benefits.
PLUS catching the 6am train or driving 1/12 hours each way to work from an outer suburb….

Please note Regents Commercial has no financial interest or benefit in the subject project, only a custodial and community minded interest in encouraging affordable accommodation in OUR society.

Feel free to ring me if any matter requires clarification.

Kind Regards,

Alexey Kotovski

Spade to Table Celebration

Presented by West Leederville Community Garden and Town of Cambridge
Sponsored by Water Corporation 

Sunday, 6 October 2013 11AM—3PM

Come and join us for a day out at the West Leederville Community Garden Retaining wall

Free entry and parking

11:30am to 12:30pm: Bush Food presented by Beyond Gardens
12:30pm to1:30pm: Composting & Worm Farming with Mindarie Regional Council 1:30pm to 2:30pm: Food Gardens presented by Beyond Gardens

Permaculture Displays and Eco Shop
Family Entertainment with the Eco Faeries and Face Painting
West Oz Wildlife Animals
Dog Handling Demonstration with the Town’s Ranger
Mosaic Making
Community Garden Stall
Live music performed by SUFFA the Ukulele Band
Coffee Van
Sausage Sizzle (Veggie alternatives available) and Refreshments
Neil and Jenny Delmage Author’s of 12 Gardens book sale and signing
Garden Tours and more!

If you would like to print our 2013 Flyer to put up at work or school, we would be most grateful!

West Leederville Community Garden
56 Cambridge Street, West Leederville – opposite Abbotsford Street (sports club side) Buses 81, 82, 83, 85 & 92 to & from Wellington Street Bus Station

Community Garden News

Newsletter September 2013

Click on the link above for the newsletter PDF.

It contains great information about our garden and announces the

2013 Spade to Table    October 6th 11 am to 3 pm

This year our big event is presented by the West Leederville Community Garden, the Town of Cambridge and sponsored by the Water Corporation. There are lots of exciting things to look forward to. Here are some of the highlights…..

  • 11.30-12.30 Bush Food presented by Beyond Gardens
  • 12.30-13.30 Composting & Worm Farming with Mindarie Regional Council
  • 13.30-14.30 Food Gardens presented by Beyond Gardens
  • Permaculture display and Eco Shop
  • Family entertainment with the Eco Faeries, face painting and mosaic making
  • West Oz wildlife animals
  • Ranger and dog handling demonstration
  • Ukulele Band
  • Coffee van
  • Sausage sizzle
  •  Authors Neil and Jenny Delmage of 12 Gardens will be there for book signing and sales

There is also lots of information about what to plant at this time of year, and an invitation to join us at our working bee on September 22nd, 10 am to 12:30 pm. We will be constructing and planting our new, home-made raised garden beds. You might get some great ideas for home!

Garden AGM

West Leederville Community Garden –  2013 Annual General Meeting

Overall, the garden is looking great! Compared to this time last year, most plots are flourishing. There is a warm sense of community, of working together towards common goals, sharing produce, seeds, seedlings, as well sharing ideas and ways of dealing with common problems.Pergola

Present:            Peg Davies, Carole Duffill, Veronica Geary, Andrew Hall, Wendy Lee, Lesley Letham, Mike Perring, Felicity Simpson, Sue Taylor, Lou Toy, Ted Williamson,

Apologies:       Anne Lake, David Letham, Eversley Mortlock

1. Co-ordinator’s Report: Felicity Simpson, Co-ordinator 2012/2013

Felicity provided a Report to the Annual General Meeting 2013 outlining the Garden’s main events and developments for the year.

After presenting the report Felicity suggested a range of projects with some possible sources of funding  that members might like to consider for the next year. These included hosting more outside events centred around environmental education, gardening and sustainability, installing a compost toilet and lighting with solar panels, publishing a book about the Garden and holding sessions on bush food.

Overall the year went very well and the Garden had continued to provide a place where community members could meet others in the area while enjoying the benefits of gardening and locally grown produce.

The group thanked Felicity for her hard work, creative ideas and fellowship during the year.


Over the past 12 months……. Improvements include:

Top of the list is the pergola. After long delays, our Lotterywest-funded pergola was finally finished this week, giving the Garden much needed shelter, a focal point for meetings as well as somewhere to sit and chat over a cup of tea or coffee. Construction was a solid team effort. Special thanks to Michael, Lou, Ted, Anne, and John Littlewood from Adelaide. And for their help with the initial cutting and lifting the heavy jarrah timber, thank you Andrew and Adam. A big thank you also to Maitland and Marg Osborne who donated the timber and roofing tin.

Another very useful improvement is the sink behind the pergola. Thank you Michael for building the frame and Greg for making the plumbing work.

The corrugated iron bay for grass clippings from the Bowling Club, near the back gate, was generously built by Todd Dolling who also donated the four kiwi fruit planted near the front gate.

Garden happenings

Spade to Table, 23 September 2012: Was a successful, happy event with a good variety of stalls and presentations. It was very well attended. We learned a lot about setting up and management and enthusiastically anticipate applying these lessons to the next Spade to Table which will be merged with the Town of Cambridge’s Sustainability Festival on Sunday October 6.

Xmas Celebration: A successful Sundowner was held on Friday November 16. The turnout of TOC staff and councillors was impressive. There was great finger food and the new beach umbrellas worked beautifully in the hot late afternoon sun.

An Earthcarers Event organised by Peg Davies at the garden included 5 sessions over three weeks with tours, information sessions, hands on, speakers etc, and all in places where something interesting was happening with ‘waste’ and discarded materials. As part of this program, EarthCarers had a wormfarming, composting and Bokashi bucket day at the garden on Saturday March 23rd.

Working Bees are an essential component of keeping the garden reasonably tidy and are often organised to coincide with TOC verge clean ups. Working bee dates in the past 12 months include:

  • o Saturday 6 March
    o Saturday 6 April to coincide with Council cleanup in the afternoon to take advantage of the verge pickup in April. It focussed on clearing the area to the right of the main gate.
    o Sunday 19 May 2013.

General Garden Business

Town of Cambridge. We continue our excellent relationship with the Town of Cambridge and this year we’ll share our Spade to Table event with the Town of Cambridge’s Sustainability Festival. The dilemma of the pergola construction, at one stage in limbo because the land on which it was to be built is not Town of Cambridge property, was finally solved when Janine Roets, our lovely TOC Liaison Officer, let us know that the Building Regulations had changed. This change allowed us to build a structure of no more than 2.4 metres high and covering “an area not exceeding 20 m2”. It also helped progress the pergola’s construction when the owners of the property next door informed the Town of Cambridge that they had no objections to an additional structure on their land.

Grass clippings: The Bowling Club generously supplies us with grass clippings for our compost bays.

Plot sitting: This concept is slowly becoming established. For those who take up the opportunity, it means extra watering if required during summer, fewer problem weeds, removal of dead plants and infestations and peace of mind. The plot minder(s) also get to eat surplus produce!

Bike stands and concrete apron outside the front entrance. The Town of Cambridge want to complete this before the end of June. It entails a terracotta-coloured concrete triangle which follows the line of the path from the car park to the garden and abuts the garden’s fence line. Two extra bike racks will be installed.

Raised garden beds: Next on the construction list is a raised garden bed using some of the corrugated iron left over from pergola construction so instead of throwing out plastic bottles, please bring them down to the garden where they can be used as under-soil fill under in the raised beds. If the experimental 3m x 1m model works, Michael will build some more. Blessings Michael.

Allocation of basic garden tasks for 2012-13:

Bins – Ted Williamson
Compost – Felicity Simpson
Communal Gardens – Lou Toy
Equipment Maintenance – Lesley & David Letham
Mulching – Sue Taylor
Plot Sitting – Antje Holderbach
Pruning – Carole Duffill
Reticulation – Greg Toy, Gresley Dowdell
Tidying/cleaning – Carole Duffill & Lou Toy
Whipper snipper – Ted Williamson & Ian Johnston
Worms – Peg Davies

Many thanks to everyone who carried out their allocated tasks. A special thank you to Lou for her quiet coordination of everything that really matters, and to Greg for looking after all the reticulation and not complaining when we stuff something up, again.

In conclusion

The garden continues to be a happy place with a rich sense of community. Our capacity to grow our own vegetables so close to the city with an ever increasing population density around us is very special. We have a unique opportunity to share our vision of sustainability with the wider community and I look forward to many future opportunities to do so.


Present:            Peg Davies, Carole Duffill, Veronica Geary, Andrew Hall, Wendy Lee, Lesley             Letham, Mike Perring, Felicity Simpson, Sue Taylor, Lou Toy,

Ted Williamson,


Apologies:       Anne Lake, David Letham, Eversley Mortlock


1. Co-ordinator’s Report: Felicity Simpson, Co-ordinator 2012/2013


Felicity provided a Report to the Annual General Meeting 2013 outlining the Garden’s main events and developments for the year.


These included:


  • improvements

erecting the Lotterywest funded pergola, providing a working sink and building the bay for grass clippings – added greatly to Garden functionality


  • events

organising Spade to Table, holding the Xmas Sundowner, and providing a venue for Earthcarers – raised our community profile


holding working bees – helped tidy, maintain and develop the Garden area


The Report also commented on the ongoing support from the Town of Cambridge and especially from their Liaison Officer Janine Roets, their plans to improve the area immediately outside the Garden entrance and the agreement with the Bowling Club to supply grass clippings. Members were thanked for their participation in plot sitting and for assuming responsibility for overseeing ongoing maintenance tasks. Special thanks went to Lou Toy for coordinating much of this and Greg Toy for oversight of the the reticulation.


The next project, the construction of raised garden beds is already underway and Michael Furlong was thanked for his contribution in building these and the pergola with some other members.


After presenting the report Felicity suggested a range of projects with some possible sources of funding  that members might like to consider for the next year. These included hosting more outside events centred around environmental education, gardening and sustainability, installing a compost toilet and lighting with solar panels, publishing a book about the Garden and holding sessions on bush food.


Overall the year went very well and the Garden had continued to provide a place where community members could meet others in the area while enjoying the benefits of gardening and locally grown produce.


The group thanked Felicity for her hard work, creative ideas and fellowship during the year.

2. Treasurer’s Report: Sue Taylor, Treasurer 2012/2013

Sue provided details of expenditure during the year and the current financial situation to members via email before the meeting.

Although the Garden has managed adequately with the current income from fees and additional support from members and some grants, Sue reminded everyone that one of the Garden’s aims was to demonstrate the use of recycled materials. Continuing to do this rather than buy new materials if at all possible not only supported our aims but impacted on budget expenditure.

She explained the changes that had been made to maintain a separate account for the Garden and the difficulties associated with accepting membership payments by cheque. For these reasons cheques will no longer be accepted and members will be asked to pay fees directly into the Garden’s account using electronic banking. If unable to do that, cash payments to a committee member can be accepted.

3. Committee membership for 2013/2014

All officer bearers were elected unopposed.

Co-ordinator:    Felicity Simpson  (Nominated Carole Duffill, seconded Lou Toy)

Treasurer:      Sue Taylor  (Nominated Felicity Simpson, seconded Mike Perring)

Committee:    Peg Davies, Carole Duffill, Anne Lake, Lesley Letham, Mike Perring, Lou Toy, Ted Williamson


4. Task Allocation

Bins Ted Williamson
Compost making Felicity Simpson
Equipment maintenance Lesley and David Letham
General Maintenance Michael Furlong
Mulching Sue Taylor
Plot sitting and allocation Lou Toy
Pruning Carole Duffill/Wendy Lee
Reticulation Greg Toy/Andrew Hall
Whipper Snipper Felicity Simpson/Ted Williamson
Worms Peg Davies

5. Other Business

5.1 Spade to Table

Anne Lake will contact the TOC to find out more details about their plans for their Sustainability events in October.

It was agreed that the Garden would not hold another Spade to Table event this year but would be very pleased to make the Garden available to the TOC if it wanted to host outside Sustainability events there this year. If this were to happen, Garden members would also consider hosting some ‘low key’ activities to support the TOC events.

5.2 Community Workshops

Peg Davies volunteered to run sessions in her areas of expertise if the Garden decided to run some community workshops on composting, worm farms and related environmental issues.

Next AGM: Date to be decided in 2014