2017 WLRA Annual General Meeting

The West Leederville Residents Association AGM was held on 20 July 2017

7:32 pm at 104 Woolwich St, West Leederville

  1. Welcome from the Chair.
    1. Anne Lake commenced the meeting by welcoming everyone, and introducing the existing committee: Anne Lake, Sue Taylor and Henry and Noell Stawarz.
    2. The West Leederville Community Garden is now incorporated separately from the WLRA to simplify the Treasurer’s role, and the procurement of Grants.
  2. Attendance: Sue Taylor, Sabrina Klinger, Andrew Thomson, Corinne MacRae, Jane Powell, Anne Lake, Tracey King, Peg Davies, George Davies, Liz Ferguson, Carole Duffill
  3. Apologies: Cr. Carr, Greg and Louise Toy and Brian Galton-Fenzi, Steven and Gillian Ingram, Melita Brown
  4. Minutes of Previous meeting were accepted – Moved: HS, Seconded: NS.
  5. New Business
    1. Local Planning Strategy. Many meetings have been held and attended, organised by the Town of Cambridge and by the local residents. The preferred scenario that was put to TOC last month was favourably reviewed by residents of West Leederville, although there was some resistance from the Coast Ward. Because of some delays, the LPS will be advertised in (about) February.
      1. (SK) Questions were raised about the infill targets, which are thought to be out of date by many residents. In particular, is it appropriate to be considering methods to meet these targets until they have been confirmed? Should we not also be considering the increased densities in our neighbouring suburbs (Subiaco Oval redevelopment may reach the regional targets without the need for further changes in Cambridge). (CM) In 2014, the TOC target was 5500, then in 2015 it was increased to 6900 in the Perth-Peel document. There are still questions about where these figures come from, and what the rationale is. The earlier target was arrived at after consultation with TOC and seemed reasonable. (SK) When the LPS options were developed, were they just a statistical analysis, or was there some critical thinking involved? What quality checks were performed? (TK) The Perth-Peel document did specify that development needs to be focussed around activity centres (shopping, transport etc), and these directions have been dictated to TOC. (AL) During the consultation period, the consultants were asked to explain how they developed the templates, how do they qualify the validity for each household’s response? (CM) The views of the West Leederville community were heard at the council workshop before it was presented at Council. (AL) George and Anne attended the JDAP meeting, and were amazed at the number of empty units in the development – they have not achieved 50% pre-sales. (GD) The JDAP voted against extending the time, Georgiou appealed. There is a further meeting on 28th July to decide whether there will be a formal hearing. Perhaps the financial standing of the developers should be considered in planning applications? But planning decisions are not economic or financial. As a community, however, the problem is bigger than planning: a half-finished project is still a burden borne by the community and the tax-payer. (HS) The LPS has become entangled in numbers, rather than setting a framework for growth in TOC. We need to base our scheme on robust planning, not numbers. (CM) The important thing is quality, rather than quantity: we need more of the missing middle-level accommodation (townhouses, villas). (AP) We need to focus on community building and housing options to augment that. We might benefit from more retail in our area. We need to refocus the debate to be on healthy communities, and on the diversity of accommodation required by people in different stages of life. (CM) Housing is only one component, but we need to also consider commercial and employment opportunities. (SK) We are a family suburb – young families, older people, young couples.
    2. Consideration of amalgamation with Wembley-West Leederville Ratepayers Association. WWLRA have approached us to be taken over by WLRA, as they have been unable to get anyone interested in engaging with the current issues. This needs to be more generally discussed than the current group, and so was raised for discussion rather than decision. There are some significant differences in our groups: we are deliberately for residents (rather than ratepayers), which is quite different. Corinne commented that WWLRA has contributed many good things to the community (including sausage sizzles and cleaning up Lake Monger).
  6. Reminder that we need people on the Committee who are not one-issue members. There are always many issues that come up – road safety, traffic concerns, building issues, park development, removal of mailboxes, the building up of community spirit. Although we all have pet issues, we need to be prepared to continue to engage after our single issue is resolved.
  7. Reports
    1. President – LPS and Community Garden. The Community Garden has been particularly successful in obtaining grants – new gates were installed and we are grateful to the Town of Cambridge for their help with several issues (not least dealing with the GST). We also have new signs. Bunnings have donated reusable bags, a new Members’ Manual, and a Children’s Activity Pack. Anne demonstrated the contents of the Children’s Pack. The Children’s Gardening Book has been developed, and is in high demand from other community gardens. The Open Day will be held in Spring. (PD) The WLRA started very actively because we were angry about traffic, but we got sick of being angry and started the community garden to grow community with a great deal of support from the TOC. (SK) Why not create an atmosphere for Diner En Blanc. Local Rogaining? New Years Music-fest (but not in the middle of summer?) (CM) Rotary might be happy to fund some of these things.
    2. Secretary and Treasurer Report
    3. Peg thanked Anne and Sue, and also Henry for all their work.
  8. Election of Office Bearers – Anne proposed that this be dealt with “out-of-session” as the meeting did not reach Quorum.
    1. Chair
    2. Secretary
    3. Treasurer (in name and paperwork only)
    4. General Committee Members (at least 5)
  9. New Business Arising
  10. Close Meeting

Information on the duties of the Committee:


  • It is the duty of the chairperson to consult with the secretary regarding the business to be conducted at each committee meeting and general meeting.
  • The chairperson has the powers and duties relating to convening and presiding at committee meetings and presiding at general meetings provided for in these rules.


  • Dealing with the Association’s correspondence;
  • Consulting with the chairperson regarding the business to be conducted at each committee meeting and general meeting;
  • Preparing the notices required for meetings and for the business to be conducted at meetings;
  • Unless another member is authorised by the committee to do so, maintaining on behalf of the Association the register of members, and recording in the register any changes in the membership, as required under section 53(1) of the Act;
  • Maintaining on behalf of the Association an up-to-date copy of these rules, as required under section 35(1) of the Act;
  • Unless another member is authorised by the committee to do so, maintaining on behalf of the Association a record of committee members and other persons authorised to act on behalf of the Association, as required under section 58(2) of the Act;
  • Ensuring the safe custody of the books of the Association, other than the financial records, financial statements and financial reports, as applicable to the Association;
  • Maintaining full and accurate minutes of committee meetings and general meetings;
  • Carrying out any other duty given to the secretary under these rules or by the committee.

Guidance note – Record of Office Holders – detailed information about what must be included in the record of office holders is included under rule 68.


  • Ensuring that any amounts payable to the Association are collected and issuing receipts for those amounts in the Association’s name;
  • Ensuring that any amounts paid to the Association are credited to the appropriate account of the Association, as directed by the committee;
  • Ensuring that any payments to be made by the Association that have been authorised by the committee or at a general meeting are made on time;
  • Ensuring that the Association complies with the relevant requirements of Part 5 of the Act;
  • Ensuring the safe custody of the Association’s financial records, financial statements and financial reports, as applicable to the Association;
  • If the Association is a tier 1 association, coordinating the preparation of the Association’s financial statements before their submission to the Association’s annual general meeting;
  • If the Association is a tier 2 association or tier 3 association, coordinating the preparation of the Association’s financial report before its submission to the Association’s annual general meeting;
  • Providing any assistance required by an auditor or reviewer conducting an audit or review of the Association’s financial statements or financial report under Part 5 Division 5 of the Act;
  • Carrying out any other duty given to the treasurer under these rules or by the committee.