Meeting of West Leederville Residents at Leederville Town Hall

West Leederville Resident’s Association Inc

On Sunday, 02 April, 2017 at 2.30 – 4.30 pm

To discuss Town of Cambridge:

      Local Planning Strategy and Strategic Community Plan, and

–      Proposals for Further increasing Density in Residential West Leederville

Attendance:         The meeting was attended by approximately 150 West Leederville residents,  including WLRA committee members Anne Lake (Pres) and  Henry Stawarz (Vice Pres).

Minutes by:          Henry Stawarz

  1. Introduction

Anne Lake opened the meeting and advised that the Mayor was asked not to attend the meeting so as not to influence open discussion by residents in attendance. She also outlined the purpose of the meeting as follows:

  1. To brief residents on the ToC community consultation process underway on the preparation of their LPS and SCP;
  2. Take comments and input from residents on their views and concerns etc on the proposals for further increased density in the ToC to meet government targets for the increased number of dwellings to meet future population growth in Perth to the year 2050.
  3. Overview of LPS Process

An outline/summary of the LPS process then provided the meeting  an:

  1. Overview of the LPS process as outlined in the ToC paperwork issued;
  2. Overview of the 3 scenarios presented at the ToC open days held through March, 2017;
  3. Overview of the government target for the the ToC – 6900 extra dwellings:
  • The ToC is already well advanced in achieving this target – about 50% already built or included in approved planning,
  • There is therefore some question of the veracity of the growth targets for 2050 in context with:

–  the applicable period for the LPS (10 years – to 2027),

–  complementary new infrastructure planning (eg transport, schools,  hospitals etc)- still subject to influence, update and change by the newly elected Labour government.

-slowed population growth since the targets were established suggests that the Targets for 2050 may also need review.

  • Overview of general informal comments to date canvassed from West Leederville residents:

-people  opposed higher densities in single residential areas, i.e. higher  densities should be confined to existing Cambridge Street “high Street” zones only,

– people wanted increased density handled in a more sensitive and balanced way.

  1. What can Residents Do to Get the West Leederville Resident’s Message Across?
  2. All residents should provide individual contact details (Name, Phone No., email addresses) – on circulated sheets, to assist WLRA to efficiently and quickly contact residents to keep them in the picture on what is going on in these matters;
  3. Individual residents should provide formal feedback/comment to the ToC on the consultation process undertaken and the 3 scenarios for increased density presented; and seek personal registration for ongoing consultation as the process progresses.
  • Complete the ToC survey/input forms and submit them on the website –

  • Note: Don’t  be constrained by the lack of space on the forms – feel  free to  put  comments in letter format and submit.
  • Note: Do not select or support any one scenario over others,  Consider housing choices and voice your opinions.
  • Note: The deadline for submissions is 07 April, 2017 (though probably  would still be accepted for a couple of weeks beyond this whilst submissions are being collated and reviewed).
  1. Call the Subiaco Post Community Newspaper;
  • Ben Dickinson (Journalist),
  • Letters to the Editor (Brett Christian) – 300 word maximum and must quote full name, address and phone number.

Email               :       

Text/SMS      :                 0429 558 001

Mail/Post     :                 The Editor, 276 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park,  6008.

Deadline       :                 Noon, Wednesday (Post comes out Friday)

  1. Questions/Comments from the Floor

Questions/comments were invited from the floor (Details were not electronically recorded. However, the record under is produced from notes taken on the day and integrated to consolidate similar content).

  • LPS Process

There was a feeling that the process used for the LPS preparation was inappropriate;

  1. Instead of seeking input to address the objectives for preparing the LPS, the process directs people only to the 3 scenarios focused on increasing density to meet dwelling targets;
  2. Could this be a matter of political expediency – with the Mayor believing that there is a mandate to deliver this growth expeditiously?
  3. In response to questions in relation to the density targets (as outlined in 2.3 above) as to why the ToC were pushing this issue, a response was made that the preparation of the LPS was a legislative requirement and that the hard targets provided have regard for the government’s long term view and targets to 2050.
  4. Advice from the floor pointed out that such government targets must be taken account of but there is no legal requirement that ToC “must comply” and “must comply now “.
  5. There was a need to have confidence in what is the correct process and transparency of information from consultants and from councillors. In this regard WLRA has sought copies of the scope of services and brief on which basis current consultants are progressing the LPS planning and consultation process.
  6. It was felt that the process should have focused on developing issues , not solutions. Problems will not be solved properly unless you start with the basics.
  7. Issues to consider for the LPS are:
  • Achievement of dwelling targets is on track for the LPS planning horizon,
  • Scale and timing of development proposed to achieve the balance of development required,
  • Equity issues when considering the distribution of density in the town,
  • Constraints to the achievement of successful outcomes eg:



-traffic/transport issues.

  • Scenarios for Increased Density

There was a general feeling espoused that further increased density in West Leederville as proposed in 2 of the 3 scenarios presented was inappropriate.

  1. “The proposals are outrageous and totally unfair”.
  2. The West Leederville Planning Study undertaken in 2008-12 and formally approved by ToC (2014) and WAPC (2016) already provides for considerable increased density in the West Leederville area and there is no justification for extending higher density further into adjacent single residential areas as proposed by the scenarios presented whilst there is no similar extended higher density in other residential areas of the town such as City Beach or Floreat.
  3. “Scenarios as displayed are insufficient to make judgements” i.e. does not show potential growth areas in infrastructure to 2050, eg:
  • Services such as water, sewerage, drainage, power etc
  • Schools and other public services,
  • Extent of development in adjoining council areas.
  1. Traffic and improved transport options into all areas of the Town should also be a major consideration in conjunction with growth eg – more and smaller buses, light rail etc.
  • Has the ToC talked to the new government on these issues?
  1. The ethos of the Town Council should be aligned with the community on these issues. What do Ward Councillors think on these matters? – Do they support residents in this regard?
    • Other Factors that Impact Forward Planning and the LPS
  2. Environmental Impact of Growth for the whole town :
  • Retention of Open space and recreation areas,
  • Loss of trees and the build up of heat in our built up suburbs,
  • Bird corridors,
  • Need to increase and improve cycleways and walkways.

There is a need to push for consideration of these issues at state as well as local government level.

  1. Heritage – The ToC should complete the update of the Town’s heritage register to protect facilities with heritage value from demolition.
  2. Where to from Now
    • Members of the WLRA are meeting with the Town’s consultants on Tuesday 04 April and will convey residents’ views from this  meeting to the consultants.
    • Anne Lake is also meeting with the Mayor on the same day ditto.
    • It is hoped to arrange a further meeting for residents of West Leederville in the near future at which it is hoped that the Mayor and Councillors will be in attendance.

Date and time to be advised.

  1. Future Resident’s Meetings

Thanks to the West Leederville Bowling Club management, future West Leederville resident’s meetings will be held at the club, adjacent to the Leederville Town Hall.

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