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Center map

This map shows several points of interest. Perhaps you can think of others worthy of sharing, too.

Suggestions as to what else would be useful to put here will be gratefully accepted.

6 thoughts on “General Info”

  1. Hello. As a resident of West Leederville, I am concerned about the City of Cambridge Local Planning Strategy, which could significantly increase the density of our suburb.
    Which is your opinion? Is there something we can do to limit inappropriate multistorey building development?

    1. Hello,

      I too am ver concerned about the planning developments proposed by council- how can we use this website to help the cause? West Leederville won’t be the same if the proposals go through…

  2. Has anybody thought of setting up a Parkrun around Lake Monger? These are quite common, the closest is Claisebrook. It would be nice to have one closer though and I think Lake Monger would be perfect. It would encourage physical activity in the local area and is a great way to meet people.

    1. I am not aware of a formal walking group in West Leederville, but there are certainly lots of people who walk regularly. If you can think of a way WLRA can help in setting up a Group, please let us know!
      Otherwise, why not go for a series of walks, and chat to people while you are out?

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