The objectives of the Association are-

  • To preserve and enhance the quality of residential living and wellbeing for West Leederville residents;
  • To ensure that any future proposed amendments to the Town Planning Scheme by the Town of Cambridge is consistent with the preservation and enhancement of residential living for West Leederville residents;
  • To preserve and enhance the availability of amenities and recreational spaces for the resident community;
  • To ensure that any proposed future project implemented by the Town of Cambridge is consistent with the preservation and enhancement of the existing residential character of West Leederville;
  • To be a strong and independent community voice promoting community spirit and cooperation in ensuring the maintenance of local traffic safety and convenience for the benefit of all community members;
  • To be a cohesive group of community members which can represent and encompass the views of the West Leederville community and play a role in informing the Town of Cambridge regarding decisions relevant to our community;
  • To be a forum where community-minded people can present and discuss their concerns, suggestions and opinions , with a view to promoting comprehensive consultative practices .
  • To enhance members’ understanding of Council processes, so to actively participate in them, with a view to promote duly reached decisions of the Association in Council;
  • To liaise with the Town of Cambridge councillors with a view to encouraging them to act in the community’s interest.


If you are interested, you can download a copy of our Constitution

One thought on “Objectives”

  1. Looking great Sue – Thankyou!
    A lot of the info included on the extg website is old as you suggest. I think we should keep any old minutes, president reports etc but they could go under the Archives bit you’ve put in.
    I think it is good having the “next meeting” prominent on the front page as on the extg site if thats possible – it may also help to prompt us to have mtgs more regularly too?
    I couldnt find a copy of the constitution on the new site. Is it in their somewhere? If not I think it should be there somewhere.
    I think pages for Garden, WelcomE etc are good also if we have room on top “ribbon”
    All from me for now.

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