West Leederville Community Garden

The Community Garden on Cambridge Street, West Leederville opened in June 2007, and has been a bigger and faster success than we dared imagine!

There are communal areas with herbs, vegetables, worm farms, compost bays and an orchard.

Join us to help tend and harvest these areas.

There are often workshops on topics such as mosaic tiling, making your own frog-friendly garden and permaculture gardening and design.

If you would like to rent one of our allotments, please contact us by telephone or email.

There will be activities ongoing at the site each Saturday
between  2 – 4 pm
(later hours during summer) and you are welcome to drop past and lend a hand.

There is a whiteboard inside our neat and tidy shed with details on tasks in progress, so you can be helpful when it suits you! You are encouraged to bring worm- and compost- friendly food scraps with you whenever you come down.
Please remember to chop them into small pieces to make them more attractive to worms and less so to wildlife.


We enjoy our partnership with Organic Waste Solutions, who collect organic waste from local offices and companies to put in their own worm farms. If your office would like a service to take away your organic waste, why not drop them a line?

For information about other community gardens in Western Australia, checkout Community Gardens WA – a site which supports and links diverse gardening projects around the state.


To be kept informed of all the latest happenings at the garden, subscribe to our mailing list, or just check back at this site from time to time…


Purpose of our community garden

To foster a sense of community by encouraging residents to meet there and get to know each other.

To provide a safe place for families with children to meet and relax.

To encourage youth, adult and environmental education.

To provide local artists with a place to show their work.

To provide people who do not have a garden with an opportunity to participate in gardening activities.

To encourage a healthier lifestyle by growing fruit and vegetables according to permaculture principles.

To help develop a greener and more attractive environment

To encourage the use of ecologically sustainable practices

To foster a sense of Place and History

Where is it?

The garden can be found behind some sheltering trees on Cambridge Street, opposite Abbostford St, and between the Leederville Sportsman’s Club and some apartment buildings. There is a generous carpark just next door, but of course you will enjoy the walk or cycle to get there if you can! We are delighted with our new bicycle parking facilities, provided by the Town of Cambridge.


14 thoughts on “West Leederville Community Garden”

  1. Does the garden sell seedlings to the public? I’ve just moved from Melbourne where I left my beloved community garden and use to buy my seedlings there.

    1. When we run Events, such as Spade To Table, seedlings are often sold. However, these are held on a bi-annual basis, so we could not be considered a regular supplier of seedlings.
      Perhaps it is time to move to the next level of gardening, and get involved with a seed-swapping group? Try PerthPermies:

  2. Hi I was just wondering if you take school groups through your gardens. And if yes how many at one time.

    Thank you

    1. Sorry for the delay – your real message got lost amongst the avalanche of spam…
      Yes, school classes do visit our garden. However, we don’t have a set tour, or our own curriculum.
      EarthCarers run courses at the garden, and may have the resources to offer a tailor-made one for your group? Check out their site:
      Alternatively, if you have a learning objective you would like to be able to use the garden for, we would be happy to host. We are only volunteers, many who work during the day, so timing would have to be negotiated. School groups who are known to existing gardeners can often make direct arrangements with the individual garden member.

  3. Hi
    We’re just getting started with a community garden in Willetton and are interested to visit West Leederville Community Garden. Would Saturday 22 November between 2-4pm be a good time to come over?
    Many thanks, Noni

    1. Certainly! Many of our committee members are regularly at the garden on Saturday afternoons. I will let them know that you are planning to come so they are looking out for you!

  4. Hi can I please come in and learn about your worm garden & composting. I am available today (Friday), Saturday afternoon or all day Sunday.

  5. Hi there

    I would be interested in finding out more about volunteering at the community garden but am unable to find a contact number. Would it be possible for somebody to please give me a call on 9201 8922 or 0416 636 413.

    Thanks so much for your help.


    1. The Community Garden is run entirely by volunteers, most of whom work during the daytime. Email is the most reliable way of contacting us to begin with.

  6. Hi Sue – web site looking good. As Organic Waste Solutions are no longer part of our garden I wonder whether this should now be deleted.


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